Female Fertility Treatment

Women are often times considered to be infertile if they are unable to conceive after trying for more than a year. In order to confirm any doubts that the couple have about being able to conceive they should consult their physician and have them perform an exam to see if there are any problems.

These tests will help to determine why the woman is infertile and what can be done to treat it. There are many different forms of female fertility treatment that include; fertility drugs, hormonal therapy, and the different types of artificial insemination.

Female Drug Fertility Treatment

Physicians will use fertility drugs to ‘trick’ the woman’s ovaries into producing one or more eggs in a single cycle by the hormones or replacing them with other hormones. For more than twenty five years the fertility drug – Clomiphene – has been used as a female fertility treatment to help increase the production of hormones. Clomiphene will make the pituitary gland to produce a large amount of follicle stimulating hormone. FSH will stimulate ovulation.

Female Surgery Fertility Treatment

IUI fertility treatment (intrauterine insemination) is a medical procedure in which a small amount of concentrated sperm will be ‘washed’ to remove any seminal plasma that is surrounding it before it is placed in the uterus through a catheter. This procedure usually only takes a few minutes and is painless.

IVF fertility treatment (in vitro fertilization) is designed to make it easier for the egg and the sperm to come together while outside of the body. The mature eggs are taken from the woman and fertilized with the man’s sperm inside of a specially designed lab dish. This female fertility treatment is used to treat women who have damaged fallopian tubes.