Fertility Treatment Cost

One of the drawbacks of finding the right fertility treatment is the amount of money that the couple is forced to pay for it. They must decide how much money they can afford to put up in order to make their dream come true and how much they are willing to sacrifice it in order to see it come true. Those who choose fertility medication over fertility medical procedures.

In order to try to avoid many of the costs couples will first try natural fertility treatments hoping that they would help. But sometimes the problems are extensive and these natural treatments are not enough to help them conceive without a little more help. Some couples are able to use their insurance to cover most of the costs that comes from fertility treatments – but this is rare.

When natural fertility treatments do not work the next option is usually fertility drugs. The fertility treatment cost can differ depending on the type of drug that you are using. The most common is Clomiphene that is given to women who have an imbalance of hormones and are infertile due to PCOS. This drug can cost as much as $50 to use for one cycle. However, the cost of this will not include the fertility treatment cost from your doctor visits, ultrasounds, and any artificial insemination fertility procedures that you might use along with it.

Gonadotropins is a fertility drug that is used along with the IVF fertility treatment. The fertility treatment cost – which includes; tests, drugs, and check ups – can cost around $2,000 to $5,000. This drug has a success rate of 20 to 60% of the women being able to conceive.

IUI fertility treatment can cost the couple $345 each time that it is used. This fertility treatment cost includes; semen analysis, preparation for the sperm, and the procedure. During this procedure the eggs and the sperm are injected into the woman’s uterus to be fertilized.

IVF fertility treatment is the most expensive fertility procedure that is used. It can cost between $10,000-$12,000. This amount will include the medication that you might need to use to increase your chances of conceiving. However, in order to save any extra eggs that were taken from the woman it will cost an extra $2,545. This is referred to as an embryo transfer.

Depending on the fertility treatment center you use will determine how you will be able to pay for the procedure. Some treatment centers will offer financial aid or payment plans. However, there are still some who require payment up front. Try to do your research to determine whether or not your insurance will cover part or all of the costs.

You may want to consider the Share Risk program. While in this program the couple will pay for a determined number of cycles of the IVF fertility treatment. If you are not able to get pregnant after the alloted amount then you will not have to pay for anymore.