IUI Fertility Treatment

IUI fertility treatment (also known as intrauterine insemination or artificial insemination) is one of the more simpler and inexpensive infertility treatments. During this procedure a physician will wash sperm into the woman’s uterus with the use of a small tube. This is usually the first procedure that couples will use.

When Should IUI Fertility Treatment Be Used

IUI is suggested to help with male fertility treatment because the man has a low sperm count or if the woman is using a sperm donor. It may also be used when the doctor feels that the mucus from the woman’s cervical is not the way it should be. Many couple will opt for this procedure over IVF fertility treatment because it is more affordable even if it is less effective. However, many couples will have the money to use it more than one time.

How IUI Fertility Treatment Works

It is not uncommon for a physician to use fertility drugs to increase the chances that the procedure will work properly and work the first time. The most common fertility drug that they will use if the ovulation drug – Clomid.

Even if you are not told to use fertility drugs they will most likely ask you to perform ovulation predictor kits at home to help determine when your doctor should do the procedure. You will immediately call your doctor when you notice the LH surge. This is the hormone that is at the highest amount right before your body will ovulate.

For those not using a sperm donor the partner will be told to gather sperm. The sperm will be ‘washed’ by the physician and use a thin tube to place it inside of the woman’s uterus. This fertility treatment is painless for most people. The only side effect is a small amount of cramping.

Success Rate Of IUI Fertility Treatment

Health studies showed that 4% of women who used IUI fertility treatment were able to get pregnant during their cycle and without using any type of fertility drugs. 8% to 17% of women using this procedure got pregnant when using the fertility drugs. Talk to your doctor to know all of the risks of IUI fertility treatment.