Male Fertility Treatment

Infertility can occur in couples because of either the woman the man or both couples have certain problems. The problems can be different in certain people and sometimes they are easy enough to work through thanks to the advancments in modern technology. Female fertility treatment is different from that of male fertility treatment.

Statistics show that 15% of couples who are trying to conceive will fail during their first pregnancy. Couples who are unable to succeed at conceiving beyond this first try despite trying for more than one year are considered to be infertile. In some cases it is the woman who has problems – but it is possible that the man is the one who needs the help. In facts the man is responsible for 50% of couples who are infertile.

Most physicians will examine both the man and the woman equally to determine who has the problems and who is infertile. Some men will try a natural fertility treatment in the hopes that replacing any vitamins and minerals that their bodies might be missing. However, this is not always a cure all for men. When this fails their next option is surgery.

Surgery Male Fertility Treatment

Testicular biopsy is a procedure that is performed while in the physician’s office. During this medical procedure the physician will gather many small pieces of testicular tissue and examine them after removing them. They will be examined for sperm and may be used for different fertility procedures such as the IUI fertility treatment.

Testicular sperm aspiration is a procedure in which the physician will use a needle to biopsy the testicle and gather a tissue sample directly from the testis. This will be used to pull out sperm for fertility procedures like the IVF fertility treatment.

Percutaneous sperm aspiration is a procedure in which the physician will insert a need into the epididymis to find and aspirate a pocket of sperm.

Vasectomy reversal is used on men who had a vasectomy (a type of birth control). This is an outpatient procedure and will help to restore the man’s ability to release the sperm into his semen from the testicles.